The Most Preeminent Sports Event Of The World

By Jason Brandt|April 25, 2016|Business Services|



Winning an Olympic medal is considered the highest achievement in the field of sports. Participating at the Olympic Games alone is a great honor to any sports person. Olympics is considered as the world’s preeminent sporting event of all times and being a host country of Olympics is also a great achievement of any country and at the same time it boosts the country’s economic and social standards. Olympics is a world event where athletes from nearly 200 countries come together and compete together which creates bonds of friendship across countries and a time to experience the true spirit of sportsmanship.
Olympics was originated in ancient Greece in a site named “Olympia” which was scared place located in the western coast of Greece. It was held in the honor of the Greek god, Zeus and was an event held once in four years. Participation in these ancient games was strictly limited to males as it was done as a ritual for the gods. Later the ancient Olympics ended with emperor Theodosius who banned all pagan events in Greece. Centuries later the modern Olympics started once again in London in year 1892 which we now know as summer Olympics.

Modern games
There are four main types of Olympic Games as summer Olympics, winter Olympics, Paralympics and youth Olympic Games. At the 2012 summer Olympics there were 10500 participants for the Olympics from 204 different nations. A custom medal is awarded for the first three winners of every event. The IOC or the International Olympic Committee selects the host city for the games and the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony are given special prominence. The Olympic flag is handed over by the current host country to the next hosting country at the end of each games. Games have developed to a wide extent that strict measures are taken on doping and all other sorts of misconduct.
The 5 entangled rings which is the sign of Olympics represent the 5 main continents of the world that participates in the games. The Olympic flag bears this symbol of the rings of 5 different colors. The Olympic flame is carried around the world before the start of the games and at last arrives in the host city. The Olympic torch is lighted at the opening ceremony in relation to a ritual performed in the ancient Greece. The Olympic custom medallions Australia received by all winners at the games has the sport and the discipline engraved on its rim with a picture of the Greek Goddess Nike who is known as the goddess of victory.
2016 Rio
The Olympic Games are planned to be held in Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil in year 2016. Many people argue against this decision of Brazil to bid for the hosting of the games as the expenditure on the games is far too high for them to bear. But many are looking forward for the 2016 summer Olympics and a triple win by Jamaican sprinter Ussain Bolt at the men’s 100m eve. For more info about trophies Melbourne, visit this site.