Shipping Cargo Via Air Or Sea Transportation – A Brief Overview

By Jason Brandt|March 20, 2016|Business Services|

Today, the export and import market is one the largest growing industries in the world. As a fact, traders are required to ship cargo all over the world. For this purpose they hire freight or cargo companies. You might be planning to expand your company and spread the services in the international market. Hence, you would be required to search for a good shipping company to deliver the products safely to the respective buyer. However, you are aware that there are many modes of transporting goods. These include the following;
– Sea
– Air
– Truck, etc.

Are you confused about choosing the freight service to fulfill your company’s needs? If you’ve read up to this point, you’re on the right page. Of the many shipping companies that are available air and sea freights are the most popular services. Therefore, the following pointers would be helpful for you to make an informed decision:

• Which of the two services are more expensive?

When you’re selling a certain product to the customer, you should be able to price it with a reasonable shipping cost. Most customers, who shop online, look at the shipping fee that has to be paid for an item or items. As a fact, you should be aware that air freight shipping is much more expensive than sea cargo. You could give the options for the customer to choose freight companies Melbourne on the urgency of the shipping.

• How fast can the parcel be shipped?

How fast does the customer want the item to be shipped to their destination? For example a customer wants the item to be sent on that day, which is the better option? You could opt for same day air freight over the other choice. The obvious reason being that air cargo is much faster compared to sea shipping. However, shorter channels are being found to send the shipment through sea services.

• Which of the too is more reliable for shipping?

This medium is much more reliable compared to sea shipping, even though it’s quite new. There are many international services that provide this service to customers all over the world. On the other hand, compared to sea shipping, there are much less or no delays in air cargo transportation.

• Is air cargo safer than the sea?

One of the other concerns when you decide to ship your product internationally is the safety of the items. As a fact, you would be incurring additional costs for insuring the products. Hence, economical or same day courier service Sydney is a better choice as it’s faster and secures the item safely, from environmental factors. So, which one do you think is more cost effective and reliable option for you to send your shipment? These are some factors that should be considered, if you’re planning to send products internationally. Moreover, make it a point to hire the best company to avoid mishaps, delays and efficient shipping services.