How To Identify A Good OHS Risk Assessment Expert

By Jason Brandt|July 22, 2016|Business Services|


If your business posses major risks to workers such as processing units, mining, construction, or even warehouse among others, they are required to have comprehensive OHS audits. The audits indicate the risks that workers are faced with and recommended protection system. The report also recommends the methods that managers should install in order to protect the workers from these occupational risks. However, many of these enterprises find it difficult to get the right OHS risk assessment to assist them. To be assured of getting the best, here are some useful tips that you should utilize.

The OHS consultants in Wollongong should have the relevant training OHS and its application in different business. Check through his profile to confirm that he has the relevant training and certification by respective Australian authorities. This will give you the assurance that he understands everything that he does and would only operate within the stipulated jurisdiction. Remember to follow his authorization by noting the number and checking with the registry to ensuring that he has not been receiving negative complains from past clients.

A good auditor should have been in the same business for many years. This will give you the assurance that he has completed similar tasks ion the past and that your business will not be any different. Insist to have a look at such past tasks and review their effectiveness. You can tell this by asking for clients’ contacts and asking them about the experience they got with the professional. If they indicate to have been disappointed by his work, chances are that you might also be in for similar disappointments.

Because of the current negative perception about OSH audits, the best review professional is the one that can be able to demonstrate that the review is not an unnecessary one that can be foregone. For example, he should use examples of how Ohs management systems have been employed with great positive results.

A good review professional should demonstrate his commitment to delivering utmost value and clients’ satisfaction. Through his past works, he should indicate that his recommendations have the ability to promote better organization culture, facilitate higher production, and productivity. This is what many refer to as holistic review that target enhancing the best working environment and profitability.

The best expert to carry WHS audit in Adelaide is the one who charges affordable rates. Make sure to read the charges of different auditors and select the one with more affordable rates. However, you should not simply be driven by cost; the main target should be getting appropriate recommendations that will be of great use in protecting the premises and workers. Remember that you can enjoy better prices by engaging the expert on a long term basis. 

When review professionals make recommendations, their work is not over. The best auditor is the one who focuses on continuing to assist his client with compliance and raising profitability. Therefore, he should have you in his mailing list and share important OSH reports and how they can be applied to deliver better results. If you follow these tips, you van rest assured of getting the best auditor who will deliver great value for money and satisfaction.