Common Mistakes To Look Out For When Employing Household Assistants

By Jason Brandt|June 19, 2017|Business Services|

Employing a good, reliable as well as hardworking household assistant is not as easy as it sounds. If you happen to employ the wrong individual it could cost you a lot of money not to mention the amount of stress that you will experience. You could also be putting your family at risk if you do not make the correct choice. Here are some common errors to avoid at all costs when employing household aid.

Insufficient reference checking

It is very important that you talk openly and honestly regarding the references and credentials of the domestic helpers direct hiring Hong Kong that you intend to employ. Many families, who did not carry out the sufficient checks before employment, have regretted their negligence later, but sometimes, this also has had grave consequences. You need to respect this person who will be living in your home but also bear in mind that you are essentially inviting a stranger into your space where you family and your kids live. Some good things to check on is their background both personally and professionally, if they hold any documented qualifications, especially where kids are involved and a thorough reference check with their former employers.

Not carrying out a proper interview

When you have started the recruitment process to obtain a household assistant, you need to be very thorough in your interviews. The screening process certainly has to be a very prudent one. Along with their background check, also carry out a criminal check to ensure they are not convicted of anything. If you see that any of the responses that you received in your interview do not add up with the information obtained from checks you carried out, you must not employ that individual. If an agency is handling your domestic helpers hiring here, ensure that they are very thorough on these details too.

Give them fair compensation

Ensure that once you have finalized on an employee, you offer them the accurate and fair compensation amount depending on what the local rate in your country’s market is at that point of time. If there are increases in the pay rate in the market, adjust your compensation accordingly. Nobody wants to give their best if they are not been paid well and this can also lead to many fraudulent activities in the future. If you try to look for somebody who expects a lower pay, you might be missing out on the really great assistants who are available.

Avoid asking for too much

Your expectation when it comes to duties, holidays and speed from your assistant needs to be a realistic one and a fair one. If you have given all your household cooking and cleaning duties to an individual you cannot possibly ask them to look after both your toddlers the entire day too. They are human and will be exhausted. Their quality of work and commitment towards you will take a hit. Most of what work can be done will depend on you and your assistant. In some cases they agree to do more, if they are paid more.