Apartment Hunting – What To Watch Out For

By Jason Brandt|March 16, 2016|Business Services|

CLEANINGApartment hunting is never the party the realtors make it out to be. It is a tiresome and time consuming affair that leads most people to not want to leave the comfy little nest they have right now. However, change is inevitable and we cannot live in the same one bedroom you moved into after university with your growing family. So it’s off to the listings we go. Today we have complied a list of things which you should definitely keep in mind and pay attention to when you are looking at a prospective apartment.

First thing you should do is check the plumbing. This is one the most expensive problems of a house if not taken care of. Take a look at all the bathrooms and see if all is functioning and flushing. Make sure the sinks and the drains do not clog and that the walls adjacent to a bathroom does not have water damage. Make sure to feel the wall for dampness and not just rely on its look.
You should also have a chat with the neighbors and get a feel of the building and its occupants. Approach them about the management of the building and the surrounding neighborhood.  Ask them about local businesses such as the quick & efficient services of dry cleaners South Melbourne and the clothes down the street. Ask about security at night and if they feel safe about the nearby park. Asking them about the apartment in the past is also a good way to get all the facts but remember to keep an open mind about what they say.
Next thing you should do is check out the locality for yourself. Visit the Melbourne dry cleaners, take a walk in the park and make sure to visit the area during rush hour or something akin to it contact DRYZ. Know what the place feels like regularly rather than on Sunday evenings. Check online for any information you can find about the area and if there are any black marks.

Another must do before you sign the agreement is a background check on the apartment and the landlord. Get the full facts, who are they, what do they do, how long have they owned the place and who were the previous tenants. A background check might seem like a bit of a stretch but while it speaks to the practicality of knowing who you are renting from, it will also give you a peace of mind for the most part. Looking or a new place to live your lives is never easy. There will be mixed emotions you cannot explain but at the end of the day when you find that ideal place, it will all be worth it.