Animated Movies And Their Effects

By Jason Brandt|July 7, 2017|Business Services|

Kids see a world with a lot of imaginations. The animated movies support this concept. They take them beyond the realty. They are able to visualize how a dinosaur looked like. How the fairies come down to the earth and go up again. How Thumbelina emerged out of a flower or how the prince could reach Rapunzel with the help of her long hair. These are thought provoking for the kids so that they ponder how things can be. The technology has advanced so far that with a simple computer software or an app people are now capable of producing beautiful 3D movies. Not only kids, being adults we too enjoy the effects that the 3D movies offer,

Pioneering the animation world:

The world famous animation movie producers such as Walt Disney, Pixar, Dream World, Cartoon Network studios are some to name of the leaders in this filed. However, when it comes to Asian countries, especially in the Far Eastern countries there are very few companies who can do a quality job when it comes to digital output. Their production pipeline includes concept development, story boarding, 3D environmental modelling, props, texturing and lightening, composting and full rendering and final editing with music and voice cover. Click here for post production at Axis Studio Ltd.

Each of these tasks takes a considerable amount of time; for example story boarding is a process that need to be repeated several times until you get the intended output. So are the other tasks – voice recording is done at the studio by their own employees prior to bringing the actors and actresses for the voice. This also help them in determining the time required. At the task of concept designing the artists visualize what the director is expecting from the movie. While doing this the characters are created through sketches and they are used at a later stage to create characters through computer.

With the sketches, the modellers use different computer programs to create computer characters and this is called modelling. Rigging is done in two parts; by putting the joints together a skeletal is made. With the help of kinematic technology arms and legs are given to the character. Once the rigs are added the animator gives control to the characters. Then the expressions are given to the characters through computer programs. Once the characters or the models are ready and the cameras are set up, as per the story board the animations are allocated using the computer program.

The process is not yet complete, there are few more steps involved in finishing the job.

Advertisements using animation:

Advertisements through animations connect people through stories. Using animations for advertisement help grab attention, gain understanding, keep audience engaged, communicate briefly and quickly and making long lasting impression. Businesses involve in getting corporate video production in Hong Kong done to achieve above five objectives which in turn help them promote their brand images. However, companies must be vigilant in using the right agent to get their video done. Well known animation production companies are aware of the right technique to adopt in making effective advertisements and they are the best choice for making corporate video coverage as well. Kids these days have a wide range of options to pick with when it comes to watching their favourite cartoon or animation.