3 Most Effective Tips To Making A Good First Impression At Work

By Jason Brandt|October 16, 2017|Business Services|

It is always a nerve-wracking experience starting a new job. You will meet new people and get to learn new tasks. Making a good first impression will ensure that you have a good path ahead. A positive attitude and treating others with respect will make people return the favour to you. A few conscious changes in your behavior will help you influence others in a positive way and help better yourself. Read on for some key changes that you can make in your behavior right from the start. 


It is important to start off on the right foot. Last impressions are embedded in people right from the beginning and your first day of work is one such day. Do your homework and prepare for the day by trying to learn new tasks, getting to know the people around you. Even if it is a serviced office, preparation will prevent you from any sudden outbursts if things don’t go according to plan. Being aggravated or moody about something is a terrible way to start off your job. Be mindful of your thoughts and actions. 

 Be punctual 

Apart from being prepared, being punctual plays an equally important role and is not subjected only to the first day. Being at least 15 minutes early is a good way to start the day and is a habit that you must hone. In case you have to share coworking in Singapore with a colleague, being there early will give you a little time to get to know each other and get organized as well. 

 Good manners 

Most of the unappealing behaviors in the workplace happen due to the lack of respect for each other. Being nice and being grateful will bring about positive changes in ones behaviors and people will appreciate your kind gestures. Resist any temptation to gossip or pry in to others lives unnecessarily as this will only cause tensions and make situations uncomfortable around the people you work with. If it is not work-related it is best to let any unnecessary thoughts slide unless your actions are helping someone. Positive behavior will overall impact the place you work and help build lasting and sound relationships. 

 While this is a basic blueprint to follow to make a good impression, it’s also very important to be yourself and let your personality flow. Failing to do so might make you come across as uncomfortable and rigid, which can work against you.